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TBS Advisory Board

Mr. Bal Malkit Singh

President, All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC)

Mr. Bal Malkit Singh is the youthful face of India in AIMTC. A successful entrepreneur, a strict disciplinarian, a philanthropist, a philosophical person and quiet spiritualist, he continues to inspire the younger generation through his words and deeds.

He is truly a truckers and transporters President and represent their concern with Central & State Govts. Shri Bal Malkit Singh has vast experience of the trade and is always eager to participate and share his knowledge with the government and the industry to find prudent and pragmatic solutions to the problems faced by the transporters. His positive inclination, methodical and meticulous approach to find constructive solutions for the road transport sector is widely appreciated by the road transport fraternity of India. During his tenure he has been travelling far & wide across the country to be with the trucker and transporter brethren to understand their problems up, close and personal.

He is an associate with www.truckbussale.com as this is service for the benefit of the transporters. He is actively involved in designing the trade policies for www.truckbussale.com. His knowledge has helped www.truckbussale.com to work for the transport community.

Mr. Aniruddha Shrotri
CTO, Timeless Learning Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Aniruddha Shrotri is a veteran from IT industry in Pune, India. His experience spans more than a quarter century in different fields of IT industry.

He has worked on high end technologies related to communication protocols, digital security, e transactions. He is guiding force for the new generation entrepreneurs and has guided graduates and post graduate students for the academics projects. His dedication for the new technologies has lead for development of cutting edge products. He is advising www.truckbussale.com on technology.

Mr. Jayant K. Ambegaonkar
Ex. Stress Assets Recovery Manager in SBI

He has more than 37 years of Banking and Finance experience with State Bank Of India, He has worked in Rural and Urban area including International Currency. Last 13 Months working in Stress Assets Recovery Manager in SBI RACPC Pune Having total turnover of Rs. 80000 Cr with NPA of Rs. 15.00 Cr. (P Segment Advance).

Mr. Ameeth Deshpande
Ex. AVP Kotak Bank Commercial Vehicle Dept.

He has more than 20 years experience in Commercial vehicle lending and finance. He is Very well connected with all the transporters in Mumbai financial hub of India.