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What have been the major achievements so far?

  We have provided complete multi business software solutions for the transportation companies. Some of our clients have different businesses at different locations. So for them it was a big task to understand the cross organization transactions and keeping track of these types of transactions.
We provide CMS, web sites, web applications to the large and medium companies. For the CMS, we are working with large PFY manufacturing firms in western India. They have around 4000 work force and we are designing the complete CMS for their HR and marketing team.
We are working with bulk transportation, passenger transportation companies in India. We will be launching software for optimized business operations on SAAS basis where the users need not buy the software. The user can RENT the software from our website. All the data will be hosted on a trusted cloud.

How is the truckadda portal beneficial for the transportation industry?

  We are working with the transportation industry for last five years. When we were solving the day to day problems of our customers, we started looking to find the information about vehicles available for a particular route. The main point where everyone is stuck is where and for which route is the most price efficient vehicle available.
So we thought of providing the platform for it. Large and midsized transportation companies are looking for non captive business expansion in the recession period. This site will provide information to the logistics managers, small truck owners and transporters or small time consigners who are registered on site about their requirement. The loads registered on the site will be intimated to brokers / transporters via sms. The follow up will be taken by our call center. The site information can be compared with the stock exchange where the end user gets information at his desktop. We are coming out with the iPhone based service very soon. We will begin charging service charges on the transaction at the portal. The user of this site will be registered and it's not a FREE SITE where information accuracy is always questioned. We will be asking necessary information to check the authenticity of the user.

What initiated the concept of truckbussale?

  We are involved with the big transportation corporate who have commercial vehicles which are sold after regular interval. We advertised the vehicle details on social media and our business sites and received no response. Subsequently, we were working with an association of transporters to provide them CMS application. Almost 400 large and small transporters faced the problem of inadequate information for the sale or purchase of commercial vehicle. To address this problem, we have provided a complete transparent platform which will bring seller and buyer together. He can put his requirement based on the type of vehicle he wants to buy or sell. The system will send this information to the registered users who have shown interest in the vehicle or put the vehicle for sale.
The buyer can select the vehicle of his interest by book marking the vehicle. The bookmarked vehicle can be viewed by the buyer when he wants to see it at a later stage. The seller will get the information as soon as the vehicle is book marked by the probable buyer. We will share the commercial cost quoted by the seller to the buyer transparently. This site is very useful to the brokers in the area where the users are not techno savvy. The broker will get more number of vehicles to sell on the site. He can get complete details of the vehicles at his desktop or mobile.
In future, we have plans to offer more services through this portal to the brokers and other parties related with us.

What are the benefits for using the truckbussale portal?

  The www.truckbusssale.com or www.truck-sale.co.in portals will be supported by the call center, Live chat support and network of the second hand commercial vehicles service partners as brokers or owners. The advantages to the service we provide are transparency of information and the price is quoted by the seller. We take no commission from the buyer. The seller pays fixed charges to us and we do the marketing to the broker community which is across the area of interest to the seller.

What are the Challenges you face in the business?

  The trust building on this service is a big task which we are sure we will be able to do with the help of the industry. We request all concerned to this industry to join hands to make this service a success. We are ramping up our technical support and service to cater to the large and fragmented market.