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TruckBusSale.com 100% Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

All terms are compulsory for 100% refund or money back policy of TruckBusSale.com.

1. This Guarantee is brought to you by Marius Software Solutions Private Limited ("TruckBusSale") and is open only to all individuals or all private parties or sellers who list their commercial vehicle for sale on TruckBusSale.

2. Dealers, brokers or those individuals who are registered traders in commercial vehicles and are doing business on this site are not eligible.

3. All listings by individuals or private party sellers as in the point no 1 that are published on TruckBusSale.com are eligible to claim this Guarantee.

4. The individual will only be eligible for a refund equal to the amount paid by him / her to TruckBusSale.com at the time of listing their Commercial Vehicle on the website.

5. The individual should not have listed more than 2 commercial Vehicles for sale on TruckBusSale.com within the previous 6 months.

6. The refund amount can only be paid back between Day 91 and Day 120, counting from the first day the listing is done on the site TruckBusSale.com.

7. No refund will be done if the commercial vehicle is sold from site or the posting is removed by the user with the registered login id and password.

8. We will extend the period of information hosting for 60 (Sixty working days) days on the site if communicated in writing to the contact mail address desiring so.

9. Refund request in above cases will strictly not be entertained. TruckBusSale.com is unable to accept requests in advance of this time period.

10. Listings for which refunds are claimed will be removed from TruckBusSale.com permanently, irrespective of whether they have been renewed or not.

11. You need to furnish payment proof to TruckBusSale.com before processing the refund.

12. TruckBusSale.com reserves the right to refuse a refund in those cases where the commercial vehicle has been sold to a person or persons who placed an inquiry about the similar or same commercial vehicle on TruckBusSale.com during the period it was listed on the website.

13. You need to submit the proof of ownership in soft copy to TruckBusSale.com if demanded by mail or phone.

14. The mode of payment is strictly as the mode of amount deposited is. It means if the deposit is done by credit / debit card it will be refunded on the same credit /debit card. If the payment is done in cash then the refund will be done by cheque or DD the cheque / DD will be in the name of registered user on the TruckBusSale.com. The same refund document will be couriered to the address on registered at TruckBusSale.com within India only, within 60 (Sixty working days) days of receiving the refund request.

15. Under no circumstances refund requests for cash are paid out in cash. All decisions with respect to the refund claim are at the sole discretion of TruckBusSale.com, and no inquiries will be entertained.

16. TruckBusSale.com reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any or all of the terms and conditions of this Guarantee at any time without prior notice.

17. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Guarantee shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Pune only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute a claim against TruckBusSale.com.

18. Individuals / Brokers/ sellers can also list their commercial vehicles for sale on TruckBusSale.com without availing of this Guarantee.

19. All individuals who wish to avail of the Guarantee accept the Terms and Conditions of entry as specified above in total.

Refund Process: All refund requests must be submitted by the standard procedure as described by the company. The respective form or procedure is available at the site. Please fill up with the required details. No refund requests via phone, email or any other means of communication.

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